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Gallery of Work

May 2019 (work on the Welsh side of the River Severn) 2 Jobs
1> Building a natural stone wall against a block wall in a private residence within the Forest of Dean.
Cotswold Dry Stone Wall in Forest of Dean
The customer has selected an interesting, eye-pleasing walling style, and loves this work.
Curved Dry Stone Wall forming steps in Forest of Dean
2 > A new wall in the Wye Valley. Built from random, local stone dug out from the ground in the same field. It’s strongly built on the corner especially, extending the walled garden to protect the owner’s fruit and vegetable plants from the weather and from the pit ponies who will occupy the field in the Summer.
Dry stone Wall in Wye Vallet
April 2019
A 16 metre, curved Mendip stone wall rebuilt in Somerset.
Before repair:

An old, tumbling dry stone wall in South West England overgrown with moss and grass
After repair:

Duncan Burnell Prince of Walls built this 18 metre curved wall in Mendips wall rebuilt to full height on a corner in Ston Easton
March 2019
Cotswold stone wall in Bibury, Cotswolds
Wall was damaged due to being impacted by a delivery vehicle.
Before repair:
a dry stone wall thats started collapsing after being hit my a delivery van
After repair:
A Cotswold limestone dry stone wall reconstructed in Bibery
Comments from Managing Director of firm whose delivery driver accidentally damaged wall above: re insurance claim ..... the underwriter required a full site report and assessment of the work you carried out. Which by the way was excellent ...... you did everything you said and at a first class standard too!
Earlier in March 2019:
A series of wall repairs at a property in the Mendips.
First picture is a typical example of how the walls looked before they were rebuilt.
February 2019: Boundary wall of private house in Bath
Rebuild of a 4 metre fallen section directly behind the summerhouse.

Picture (right) shows foundations reinstated prior to rebuild.
Dry stone wall rebuild in progress in Bath
This photo shows the two faces of the wall when completed.

No new stone was used and every stone that came out went back in.
Blocky natural stone wall reconstruction
February 2019 - for The National Trust
Repair of 3 further dry stone walls in same general area, bordering National Trust land, as worked on in January.

Having proven my competency to the National Trust I was contracted to repair larger and more complex problems. These all required the bridging of tree roots and reinstatement of dry stone walls.
Access was not always particularly easy!
Dry stone walling
This oak lintel is preserving the beech tree and ancient dry stone wall

The National Trust work with Dry Stone Waller to preserve beech trees in Bath
January 2019 - for The National Trust
Take down and rebuild a dry stone wall beside the road and bordering a meadow for the National Trust on the Bath Skyline site.

The brief was to incorporate a lintel to allow the uninterrupted growth of the adjacent 300 year old beech trees, in order that they could coexist alongside this historic dry stone wall.

No new stone was used in this section of wall repair. The National Trust were very pleased with the result and more jobs were soon to follow.
Prince of Walls complete dry stone wall for The National Trust Bath Skyline
November 2018:
A project called Stepping Stones. A scheme in Tetbury for The Cotswold AONB.

This is a special project for the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which led up to my late Summer holiday.
The Cotswold AONB work with new dry stone wallets to introduce them to walling asa profession
Cotswold Dry Stone wall foundations being laid in Tetbury, Gloucestershire Work in Progress:
A dry stone waller uses an A-frame as a guide for the profile of a wall-end
October 2018:
Repair of a curved, feature wall plus some other dry stone wall repairs at a private house in Charfield.

A semi-circular curved wall had collapsed as a result of a mature vine pulling this down over many years. The stone was a red mudstone which was common to the area but difficult to source as these seams are no longer quarried - eventually I found it in Ben's Reclamation Yard, Frampton Coterall.

Testimonial from property owner, RogerC:
"I have a number of stone walls surrounding and within my property. Having had a partial collapse of a section of wall, I engaged Duncan to rebuild it. This turned out to be a bigger job than anticipated, but I was very impressed that Duncan still completed the job on time and to the agreed quote, even though I had asked him to do some small patch repairs on a few other walls as well. The price I paid was very reasonable for a highly skilled craftsman and I intend to use Duncan again and would have no hesitation in recommending him"
Garden feature made with dry stone wall in Charfield, Gloucestershire
Marlstone wall in Charfield is hard to find as local quarries do not operate in locality
Before Repair: This was a curved dry stone wall before it was destructed by a growing vine
September 2018:
Repair of 12 metre section of dry stone retaining wall in the garden of a period property in Dursley.
  • 3 metres had fallen
  • 3 metres was taken down and rebuilt on a firm re-laid foundation
  • 3 metres had spalling stone so was partially taken down and repaired
  • 3 metres was bowing due to pressure of retained soil, so was taken down, strengthened and rebuilt.

Anne said
We are very grateful to Duncan for crafting such a wonderful stone wall and would highly recommend him for his professional approach, skilled craftmanship and love of his work. Our garden has stone walls on three sides and if any other section needs rebuilding we will definitely be calling Duncan again.

Also in September:
  • A practical session in lime-work run by Leicester City Council. Following the team's experience with conservation of buildings related to the King Henry II remains found in the city, this course was to teach contractors all about Lime pointing of heritage buildings.

Reconstructed Dry Stone Wall as garden boundary in Dursley
Not JUST Dry Stone Walls. Below is a selection of repairs to natural stone walls with mortar:
A large tree had fallen on this wall in Thornbury, Gloucestershire and I was instructed to reinstate it (July 2019).

Lower picture shows reinstated wall using remaining stone on site pointed with a mortar which would match (when dry) the existing mortar.

In agreement with the customer I suggested the stone would be better enhance using a flush pointing, rather than the raised pointing which was there before.

”We were very happy with your work and the way you communicated with us.”

Lynne and Patrick Fitzgerald
Mortar wall repaired in Thornbury
An old limestone wall which was delaminating badly replaced along its full length with this solid 18 metre, natural limestone boundary wall. Infront of a road-facing bungalow in North Nibley.

Everyone was happy with the end result and references are available.
Limestone wall with lime mortar in North Nibley Gloucestershire

Gapping of Farm Walls:
I honed my skills on farm walls before I started to work on neater walls for private residents' garden walls or estates.

Increasing my speed, getting fitter, toughening my hands and repeating the act or walling over and over again. I gradually improved and was able to "see" the next stone easier from afar easier and I was able to "work" a stone with a hammer into the correct shape. Hence speeding up without relaxing my high standards of good looking work along with sound and solid construction.

Each wall was taken down to below the foundations, these reset to level and secure. On either side of the repair I made custom external frames to prevent further falling whilst the middle was built up.

Photos show work in progress, the set out of stones within the site and the rebuilt wall sections.


After wall had been taken down

Farm walls made from dry stone are common place in the Cotswolds. This on is being rebuild by Duncan Burnell, Dry Stone waller

Starting position

Customised frames of softwood can assist a dry stone waller hold up a field wall which would continue to fall when the gaps are being repaired

The last row of photos show the precarious wall ends before and after they were secured by adding custom wooden frames.
Repair required to a local farm wall
Starting position

during rebuild

Gap 1 is now rebuilt (as above).

Gap-2 (below) showing work in progress with frames holding both sides up whilst work continues on the foundations and initial courses, as shown in the photo below. Dry stone wall site layout will assist with quick dry stone wall rebuilds

LANTRA Scheme Certification days:
A series of residential courses at the home ground of The National Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain.

These photos are of walls I constructed at their test site at Crooklands in Cumbria.

These are all cheek-ends (wall ends).

Cheekend for DSWA Level 2 exam

Dry Stone Wall constructions prior to 2015:

LANTRA Level-1 Assessment walls.

"Mock" tests of wall take-downs and rebuilds to achieve standards set by the DSWA. Test was to quickly taken down and then rebuild in a seven hour window under the scrutiny of an assessor appointed by the DSWA.
Above: Wall under construction (during second lift)

Left: Completed wall.
. .

Some other old pictures of walls under construction using Cotswold limestone.

Instructors issuing guidance provided by the Rural Skills section of the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

An early Cotswold dry stone wall near Fosse Way, Chedworth.

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