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Curbing the spread of Coronavirus

Fortunately, by its nature (outdoors, solitary, distant, etc.), dry stone walling is not an activity where transmission will be rife, however all precautions will still be taken.

I am self testing twice a week using the NHS testing kits and using the NHS app on my phone so will be informed if I come into contact with anyone who tests positive in order that I can self isolate and not risk passing the virus on.

On any meetings with my customer, contractors, or other people distancing will be enforced and any touching (such as handshaking) avoided. All of my tools and toolboxes, and the door handles of my truck will be regularly sprayed with a surface disinfectant and I am happy to comply if you request that the surface of the wall or my work area be sprayed before I leave in the evening. I also carry and regularly use hand sanitising alcohol gel for hand washing through the day.

I do not expect this to effect my remote work but I hope that these measures will allay any fears you may have.

Stay safe!


PS If any of my current or past customers are self isolating I am very happy that you contact me to carry out tasks for you (shopping, etc) or indeed I am happy to just be on the end of the phone for a chat :-) No charge ;-)!

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A well built dry stone wall will last generations and can really enhance the look of your garden, terrace or boundary.
We are passionate and committed to preserving our heritage and serving the craft by upholding the traditional skills that created these landmarks that have stood the test of time.


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