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Duncan Burnell is a Dry Stone Waller located on the edge of the Cotswolds who uses traditional, time-honoured walling techniques to produce attractive and durable dry stone walls.

loves his work, embraces his specialist skill and continues to practise it extensively in many areas of the UK, throughout the year and in all weathers. Come rain or shine!

He is proud of all his work and loves receiving excellent feedback from his customers. He’s also passionate and committed to preserving our heritage and encouraging sustainability.

well built, natural dry stone wall will last generations and will really enhance the look of your garden, terrace or boundary. They are also a sanctuary for wildlife, providing a habitat for; voles, birds, toads, butterflies, insects and mosses and lichens.

Friendly and enthusiastic he’s worked on many projects, including a series of repairs for the National Trust and for other local businesses as well as in family homes.

Upholding high standards of professional practice, responsibility, ethics and workmanship, to this end he is a Certified Professional Member of the Dry stone Walling Association (http://www.dswa.org.uk). Duncan also has experience in providing training in this art.

Duncan is fully
insured and would be very pleased to visit you to prepare a free competitive quote for new builds, repairs or training.
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Duncan Burnell, Dry Stone waller

Who am I?

Not your 'run of the mill' builder.
Duncan had the courage to let go of who he was and become who he might be!


How do we do it? When can it be done?
What are the benefits for me, our wildlife and for our heritage?

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Field walls and private work on country estates, plus private work - carried out with dedication and professionalism

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A well built dry stone wall looks beautiful, will last generations and really enhances your garden, terrace or boundary.
We love our work, we’re passionate and committed to upholding the traditional skills that created these landmarks and have stood the test of time.